Where to go in France 2018, you can’t miss these places!

Europe, the old world has a special charm that attracts a lot of travellers each year, it has an ancient history and a very rich culture that has fascinated us for years, each european country has its own magic, its own special atmosphere that captures our thoughts and imagination, Europe is the perfect destination for all kind of tourists, it  has magical and stunning landscapes, fascinating medieval structures, awesome nightlife, historic and religious places and more.


One of the most famous countries of Europe is France, with Paris, the always famous and romantic City of Lights, one of the preferred destination for tourists from all the world, this country is a place for luxury, romance, adventure, relax, arts and more, the art contained in its museums is absolutely amazing, its food and haute couture are very famous and with good reasons, there are many things to do and see in there, you will never regret visit it.


What to visit in France in 2018


There are many places worth to be visited in France that worth more than one visit, and many places that require more than one look to really appreciate them, but no matter if you have visited this amazing country several times or if this is your first time, there are some reasons to go to France this year.


There are some places that will open their doors this year, some of them because of renovation, other for inauguration, check this ones:


  • The Big  Mamma Group, in early 2018, will open, after a renovation the Mamma F, which will be the biggest restaurant in Europe.


  • The Hotel Lutetia will reopen in mid 2018, after more than 3 years of renovation work, it will have a new courtyard and a 55 ft swimming pool.


  • In October 2018 will open the Centre Pompidou, dedicated to cubism, it will have pieces from amazing artists like Picasso, Derain or Duchamp, as well as poetry, literature and music of early 20th century.


  • In February 2018, the Brussels Beer Project will be opening a bar in Pigalle, located on Rue de Bruxelles, where you will be able to enjoy high quality beer.


  • The Yves Saint Laurent Museum, on May 2018, will host the inaugural exhibition dedicated to this awesome designer, and it will be located in the designer’s house.


This year there will be some amazing events in France you cannot miss:

  • Lollapalooza Paris
  • The Season of the Force at Disneyland
  • Jean Paul Gaultier Fashion Freak Show
  • Printemps du Cinema
  • Cinema du Reel
  • La Verticale la Tour Eiffel


This events in 2018 will make you enjoy even more the amazing France, so don’t miss them! They worth it.