The Mysteries of the old continent you must see

Most of times, tourism is about finding the best water parks that guarantee an afternoon filled with fun for the whole family, museums that tell you about history or just landscape gazing, but it’s quite hard to find the best location for those travelers that want to go further and learn about the mysteries that can be held in one destination.

As the world is full of cities everyone wants to visit, there is a particularity in every continent. Europe is not the exception, even when its amount of touristic destinations is incredible; there are some mysteries that are worth a watch. Keep reading and find about the mysteries of the old continent you must see.

Let’s start in Britain with the Clapham Wood. Clapham is a neighborhood located in the English capital. Its mysterious vibe is given by a little forest which makes its visitors feel nauseous, sick in other ways, or even creepier: being followed. Various studies have found some traces of magnetic fields, but that brings no conclusions at all.

Keeping or feet on British land, is your duty to go see the Stonehenge. This outstanding monument was built about 5000 years ago, no one knows why (religion, shelter or just boredom) and more important, no one knows how. It’s hard to think how our ancestors could build this without nowadays technology, but that’s the Stonehenge it offers its visitors many questions and few answers.

Other place located in Britain is the Loch Ness. You probably have heard of it in some cartoons when you were younger, because this freshwater source is supposed to be the home of the lovely Nessie, the Loch Ness Monster. There have been fake sightings of this creature, but the vibes of that place tell you that not everything is right down there.

Staying in the North part of Europe, but now going to the Eastern side we can find the Estonian city of Kaali. There, a meteor crashed onto the ground leaving nine craters that are known as the Kaali Meteorite Crater Field. The largest one is surrounded by a wall structure that dates to the Bronze Age. It’s believed that some rituals were performed near the structure because some animal skeletons have been found in the surroundings, but that is still a mystery to this date.

Last, but not least, there’s a place where you’ll get the chills no matter what. Belmez is a small village located in Córdoba, Spain. María Gómez saw a face appear on her floor and the fear made her destroy it and replace it just to find out that new faces appeared eventually. This house is open to public visits, and guarantees some spooky feelings as you enter and see the first face.

Now you’ve seen that not every trip has to be in the search of adventures or visiting the most crowded places. You will only need to be brave and have a passport in order to see the most amazing mysteries of Europe.