Italy, the best destinations

There’s so much to say about Italy yet words won’t be enough to describe the awesomeness of this country. There are many things to do if you’re planning a trip to the boot-shaped country. It is cradle of the Roman Empire of architecture and art in general combines the classic and modern styles. In addition, its characteristic cuisine provides the most delicious food we can find around the world. But there “Where to start?”, “Will I have enough time?” And such questions will come to your mind, but don’t worry. Follow the read to find out the best destinations that you can find in Italian soil.

First, you might want to visit Rome and go on a nice walk through the city to find yourself with one of the most famous landmarks of Europe and the world, the Coliseum. This amazing ancient theater is the synonym of greatness, spectacles and history as it was the convergence spot of the Roman society to watch violent shows in order to feel entertained, after that, you can visit the Roman Forum, an incredible complex that once was the headquarters of the glorious Empire that once stood there. Also, wish for an incredible journey throwing a coin to the Fontana di Trevi.

Then, visit one of the few landlocked sovereign states of the world and take a pilgrimage to the Vatican City, one of the most important religious places in the world. Even when the Vatican City is not a part of Italy itself, it can only be accessed by putting foot on the Italian capital first.

Religion might take an important role during your trip on this country. Outstanding churches can be found in any part of Italy and you can visit them in a sort of architecture admiring pilgrimage. One of them, the St. Mark’s Basilica, resting place of the evangelist is located in Venice, a city where you can take an unforgettable ride through its canals while sitting on a gondola. Another outstanding church is the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, a building with an outstanding dome that leaves any architecture lover speechless. The Milan Cathedral, the biggest one in the country, is a must see; its construction lasted for six centuries, but once you enter, you’ll see all that time was worth it.

You can take a quick trip to Naples. This city is one of the cuisine capitals of the world and birthplace to many incredible recipes. It’s also the home of the best pizzas in the world. There’s no pizza that can compare to the one cooked there, the city were this recipe was born to be loved by the rest of the world.

You have to take a quick trip to Pisa and see another of the most famous landmarks in the world. The leaning tower will leave you astonished and will make you eager to take a photo and appear as if you were holding it.

There’s much more to do. Plan your trip soon!