American people traveling to Europe: what to do and what not to do

Traveling is an amazing activity that makes us feel free of stress and forget for a while the daily problems that we all have, we like to see to other places, learn about other cultures and enjoy many things that we just know through TV and communication media, therefore, as far is our destination bigger is the excitement, the feeling to be in an exotic place, or a place very different of our home.


Europe, dreamed destination

When we travel abroad, one of the favorite destination ever is the old world, the ancient continent of Europe, it has always fascinating us,  filling our minds and heart with its legends and magic, the majority of the histories of fantasy and magic written take place in some part of Europe, as well as the most romantic stories.


Europe has a long history and, in consequence, a very rich history, some periods are particularly taken in count when artists create their fantasies, the middle age is one example,with its histories of knights, castles, princesses and royalty, which remains to our days in many places of that continent, the art produced in Europe through the years is amazing and some places are absolutely iconic.


What to do and what don’t as Americans traveling to Europe


There are some things to consider when you travel to Europe, so there are some recommendations of what American people can do in order to get the best experience.


  • Take in count that in some countries people drive on the left side instead the right as is done in United States, so if you are not use to drive like that, it is desirable to avoid to rent a car.
  • Learn some phrases in local language, English is spoken in major part of Europe, but you can find native people who don’t know how to speak, learning the basic phrases could be useful and local people will be grateful with your effort.
  • Do some research about customs and what behavior is accepted or considered polite, show your best, don’t forget that, when you are abroad, you’re representing your country, Americans may have a bad stereotype in some places, try to do your best to keep high the name of your country.
  • Embrace Europe just like it is, a different place with different customs and culture that you want to know, try to understand them, and be aware that things are not like in your home, customers services, road services like towing, are not as friendly as in USA, but they still being polite and nice.
  • Europe is Eco-friendly, and they use to walk a lot, join to that tendency, that is even good for health.
  • It is a good idea to stop at little towns, they actually show the true culture of the country and you will enjoy a lot learning about them, just remember, in small towns you may find people who doesn’t speak English.